PHYZEN Introduction


For Genomics

PHYZEN will do our best to create new value through distinguished data analysis and IT services.

PHYZEN was established to promote the development of life science and agriculture based on genomic information analysis service.

PHYZEN uses data from various platforms to perform various analyzes tailored to customer needs.

PHYZEN is a company that wants to give our customers a good experience! PHYZEN is a company that puts customer happiness first. PHYZEN will always listen to the voices of our customers, deliver happiness to them, and grow together with them.

PHYZEN is a company where employees can work happily! PHYZEN values our members the most.
PHYZEN is doing our best to create an environment where our members can work voluntarily and joyfully.

PHYZEN is a company with the best technology! PHYZEN members have a sense of ownership, based on which PHYZEN will grow into the best in our field and become a company with the best technology.