Mitochondria and chloroplast are organelles with independent genomes within the cell and essential for the survival of the species.
The organelles have a characteristic that genes in their genomes are well conserved between species.
Therefore, phylogenetic and evolutionary analyses of species can be performed using gene sequences in the organelle genomes.

Organelle Genome

PHYZEN provides complete sequence of mitochondrial and chloroplast genome using the latest sequencing platform and distinguished bioinformatics analysis.
In addition, accurate gene annotation and visualizing circular map are provided using genome and gene information of related species.

Chloroplast Genome

Mitochondrial Genome


It is possible to provide analyses such as genome structure and sequence comparison, molecular marker design, phylogenetic analysis and evolutionary analysis based on comparative genomics among related species

Comparison of genome structure

Phylogenetic analysis

Identification and visualization of homologous region

Molecular marker development