PHYZEN is a company specializing in bioinformatics analysis based on various omics data. PHYZEN is analyzing DNA/RNA sequences by introducing the latest genome analysis system, developing our own program for bioinformatics analysis, and building biological information DB and artificial intelligence-based analysis system.

Vision &

  • We are going to lead
    the industry with original
    technology development
    and also lead genome research
    with accumulated technology
    and continuous research.

  • We are going to provide
    strategic utilization
    and innovative value of
    genome analysis data.

  • We are going to pursue
    company growth through
    customer growth,
    provide distinguished information,
    and innovate continuously.


  • 01
    High-Quality Reference Genome Assembly

    PHYZEN assembles high-quality nuclear and organelle genomes using data from various platforms (NGS, TGS, Hi-C, etc.) and generates new reference genome with high-accuracy gene prediction based on evidences of transcript and protein sequences.

  • 02
    Optimal Variation Discovery and Various Analysis Support

    PHYZEN provides a wide range of analysis support services, such as discovering the optimal variation for the purpose of analysis, searching for trait-associated variations, analyzing for diversity and performing comparative genomics.

  • 03
    Reliable Gene Analysis

    PHYZEN generates a highly reliable gene set (Unigene) and provides various transcriptome analysis services.

  • 04
    Metagenome Analysis and Network Analysis for Microorganisms in Environment

    Through metagenome analysis of the Gold Standard regions such as 16S rRNA of bacteria and ITS of fungi, PHYZEN provides services such as species identification, network analysis, diversity analysis and functional profiling.

  • 05
    Development of a Customized System for Big Data

    PHYZEN provides services such as Genome Database, SNP Browser, Germplasm Management System, and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that can efficiently manage and visualize vast amounts of big data.