Transcriptome means the sum of all RNAs expressed within a cell.
Through RNA-Seq, novel gene discovery and gene expression profiling can be performed.
Various analyses are possible, such as new gene set construction by de novo assembly, known gene/genome-based DEG analysis, non-coding RNA identification, and single-cell RNA analysis.

Expressed gene)

It is possible to predict gene expression pattern and identify statistically significant DEGs among samples using NGS data.
PHYZEN supports understanding various biological pathways and complex phenomena through functional annotation.

Discovery of DEG set

Heatmap and functional analysis

Correlation analysis between phenotype and gene expression

Association study between DEGs and biological pathway


A non-coding RNA is an RNA molecule that is not translated into a protein, which is divided into long non-coding RNA and small RNA.
PHYZEN supports identification of non-coding RNA, profiling of non-coding RNA expression and comparative analysis through a step-by-step selection process from NGS data.

Hairpin structure of miRNA precursor

Single-cell RNA

Single-cell RNA-Seq provides transcriptional profiling of individual cells, which is different from typical transcriptome analysis of bulk cells (bulk RNA-Seq).
Single cell RNA analysis provides deeper biological significance through expression profiling and cell type classification at the single cell level.