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Nanopore Sequencing Service

Two nanopore sequencing platforms, MinION and GridION,
can produce sequencing data with high speed and low cost.
The latest 3rd generation sequencing technology of Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT)
is applied to the platforms, which makes it possible to read sequences longer than 10 kb.
These features can provide much easier way for client to study genome
than next-generation sequencing technologies.

  • - Single flowcell
  • - Total yield: 10 - 20 Gb
  • - Five flowcells
  • - Total yield: 50 - 100 Gb
Together with production of raw sequencing data,
Phyzen provides comprehensive bioinformatic analyses for nanopore data including
quality-trimming, error-correction and de novo/hybrid assembly, in order to assist client’s study.
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